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VseUk Institute has been established in 2016, as a non-profit private organisation dedicated to science outreach and STEM education.

VseUk Institute’s goal is to increase the awareness of STEM importance and to excite the young generation to start loving science and maybe someday pursue their studies in STEM area. As it is expected that STEM oriented professionals will be highly desirable in the coming years, unemployment can be lowered, if more children decide to pursue STEM careers.

One of the goals is also to increase the awareness of the general public that STEM is an important and interesting area linked to our future, as we heavily depend on STEM to improve our quality of life with innovations in science, technology and engineering.

Solar Heat Europe strives for the growth of solar heat solutions in Europe through different actions, such as advocating for better regulation or encouraging the EU policy makers to shape a fair context for heating and cooling solutions.

With around 40 members in Europe, Solar Heat Europe represents directly or indirectly over 90% of the industry across the value chain.

Education for Sustainability

The Environmental Education Center (K.P.E.) Pertouliou-Trikkeon was founded in 2009 and it is a structure of the Ministry of Education. It is situated both in the mountain area of Pertouli and in Trikala, a medium sized town in the center of Greece.

It is staffed with five teachers of primary and secondary education. It is a center of environmental education and education for sustainability. Our activity includes the design and implementation of environmental programs for students (on subjects such as renewable energy sources, climatic change, traditional architecture, forest, water), seminars for teachers on various environmental issues, workshops and awareness campaigns, as well as the creation of supporting learning and teaching material.

The aim of K.P.E. is to inform and sensitize students, teachers of our country and, through them, parents and the entire society on environmental issues, so that more and more people are motivated and involved in the sustainable management of the environment towards the maintenance of the ecological balance. This is achieved in cooperation with scientific institutions, governmental and non-governmental bodies, the municipalities and schools of our area, as well as nationwide.

CAA is a branch of the supranational Climate Alliance founded in 1990 in Frankfurt. Climate Alliance is the largest climate protection network in Austria. Municipalities, schools, and businesses build a partnership with indigenous organizations in the Amazon. Climate Alliance Austria comprises seven regional branch offices and attends to cities, municipalities, schools, nursery schools and enterprises across the country. The main focus lies on information and awareness raising projects and activities to promote knowledge on climate issues and sustainable development and hereby generating public and stakeholder support regarding climate protection, equality and mitigation. The organization´s working methods are characterized by target-group specific communication, stakeholder-engagement, education and dissemination of best practice on a local, regional and national level. The main goals are the reduction of climate-damaging emissions and the protection of the rainforest. In April 2019 CAA’s network covers 985 cities/municipalities, 1196 businesses, and 597 educational establishments.

As such, CAA brings into this project: The initiative for this project, concrete experience with solar thermal school projects, combined with the experience of hundreds of projects at municipal level in cooperation with schools in the context of environmental education, and a broad networking basis. Furthermore, CAA has participated in many European/international projects, in the co-ordinator as well as in the partner role.

akaryon is a research based Austrian SME founded in 1999. Since 2000 akaryon comprises of two locations, one in the rural area of Styria, one in the Austrian capital Vienna. The company has gradually grown in terms of turnover and employment and currently employs more than 10 people.
Interest for sustainability topics and the intention to increase awareness on the responsible use of resources are part of our corporate mission: We are specialized in the development of complex web applications dealing with environmental and energy related topics, thereby often fulfilling educational purposes.

Apart from capitalizing our web-based/mobile environmental informatics applications as standalone solutions, we also take part in environmentally relevant educational projects on a regular base not only introducing our know-how but also providing our solutions to project target groups (for example learners with different educational backgrounds). We often also co-ordinate these projects, as well as we also have experience in managing co-operative research projects.