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KPE Pertouliou-Trikkeon

Education for Sustainability

The Environmental Education Center (K.P.E.) Pertouliou-Trikkeon was founded in 2009 and it is a structure of the Ministry of Education. It is situated both in the mountain area of Pertouli and in Trikala, a medium sized town in the center of Greece.

It is staffed with five teachers of primary and secondary education. It is a center of environmental education and education for sustainability. Our activity includes the design and implementation of environmental programs for students (on subjects such as renewable energy sources, climatic change, traditional architecture, forest, water), seminars for teachers on various environmental issues, workshops and awareness campaigns, as well as the creation of supporting learning and teaching material.

The aim of K.P.E. is to inform and sensitize students, teachers of our country and, through them, parents and the entire society on environmental issues, so that more and more people are motivated and involved in the sustainable management of the environment towards the maintenance of the ecological balance. This is achieved in cooperation with scientific institutions, governmental and non-governmental bodies, the municipalities and schools of our area, as well as nationwide.